Premier Banks in Canada That Accept Deposits for Online Gambling

As a result of the real-world gambling parlours closing in the face of the global pandemic, natural phenomena emerged. This occurrence, of course, has increased online gambling business, as casino patrons from nations where face-to-face gambling is no longer feasible have had to seek enjoyment elsewhere.  

Top Banking  Institutions For Online Gambling

Banks in Canada That Accept Deposits for Online Gambling

This is especially true when it comes to players from the Canadian market. While the number of real money online casinos available today is massive and ever-increasing, there is another issue.

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing money from foreign online gambling sites, not every casino allows players from Canada, and not every Canadian bank will process the transactions. 

Even though there are no specific constraints on becoming a client of an online casino located halfway across the world, some reputable banks will refuse to process these funds.

This is primarily due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which was passed in the United States of America in 2006 and governed online gambling in particular. This is one of the many reasons most online casinos do not allow players from the United States.  

However, its laws do not restrict online gambling on international or non-Canadian sites when it comes to Canada. As a result, numerous institutions are willing to support online gambling deposits.

Several banks accept payments from online casinos. The transfer channels are quick and secure, allowing gamblers to start immediately. Continue reading this post to learn about some of the best alternatives!  

How Do I Make a Bank Transfer Deposit on a Gambling Platform? 

 If you wish to fund your casino account through wire transfer, here is the systematic process that you need to follow:  

  • Select Bank or Wire Transfer from the platform’s methods of payment 
  • The casino operator will begin processing your transaction when you have filled in your personal information and the amount you wish to deposit. Ensure that you complete any security checks required by your bank, such as SMS confirmation or a unique password
  • The funds will arrive in your account quickly after you’ve confirmed your banking credentials and the gaming platform has authorized your payment (typically within a couple of working days, based on the site you’re betting on). 

The Big Five  

Now, when it pertains to the Canadian banks that process online gambling payments, each has its approach, which differs in several ways.  

1 – Bank of Nova Scotia

The Bank of Nova Scotia, also known as Scotiabank, does not allow worldwide gambling, which means it only supports gambling centres regulated by the government, or more precisely, by local gambling firms.

Gamblers from Manitoba and British Columbia can only play at PlayNow casinos, Quebecers can play at EspaceJeux casinos, and Ontarians can play at PlayOLG casinos. 

While this may appear to be an overly tight and constrictive strategy, the principle of helping local provinces produces a money pool that benefits the Canadian economy. 

2 – Bank of Montreal

This huge Canadian financial institution, which has about 7 million users and was founded in 1817, is also the country’s oldest. In contrast to the abovementioned Bank of Nova Scotia, it is also a lot more versatile.  

Offshore transactions are executed with no restrictions, placing them in the same category as any other simple cash-like transaction, letting you immediately convert your wins into cash. 

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

This one is a little more complicated. While it accepts most forms of payment, this bank maintains the right to refuse to process gambling transactions, particularly those involving credit cards.  

Wagering with offshore online casinos is legal, unsurprising given the bank’s operations in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and Canadian soil.  

Toronto Dominion Bank – TD Bank

TD Bank, as it is popularly known, restricts credit card deposits in the same way as the preceding one. They’ve been doing so since 2013, to be specific.  

Nonetheless, it has a favourable view of online gambling and encourages alternative payment methods such as swift banking and e-wallets. 

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Finally, yet importantly, we have the RBC, which is undoubtedly Canada’s largest bank, with branches in more than 50 countries and over 16 million customers on its books.  

When it comes to both foreign and local online gaming hubs, the Royal Bank of Canada accepts deposits and withdrawals; nevertheless, they reserve the right to prohibit the usage of credit cards for such purposes. 

As you’ve seen, four out of five central Canadian banks accept foreign casino transfers. However, there will be times when the bank would refuse to process transactions that it deems suspicious.

By depositing through a payment provider that specializes in gambling transactions, you can avoid having your transfer rejected. 

Alternatives to Depositing Money into a Casino Account 

The truth of the matter is that, even though Scotiabank is the only bank that explicitly prohibits the use of Visa gift cards given by them at any online casino that is not owned or controlled by Territorial or Provincial entities, the bull’s-eye remains the same. 

This means that attempting to deposit funds straight from your account using Visa/MasterCard may be problematic. If you have a bank account with one of Canada’s top financial institutions, you might expect credit/debit card-related casino transactions to be rejected on occasion. Fortunately, you can utilize different payment options such as eCheck and Apple Pay to finance using your bank account. 

Top Online Casinos Canda Banking Methods



If you’re used to buying products online, you’ve probably dealt with the use of Interac to complete such transactions.

It is one of the most popular alternatives among online players, and it offers 100% safe deposits and withdrawals since both crucial personal and financial information is kept private throughout the procedure.  

Its increasing popularity drives many online casinos to include it in their payment options.  

Wire Transfer from a Bank Account

wire transfer

Bank wires aren’t particularly appealing to Canadian gamers regarding casino deposits. The bank may reject the transaction or take more than seven days to process.

A direct bank transfer would be a safe way to collect your winnings if you made a deposit using a prepaid card or another method that does not allow withdrawals. 



This approach enables customers to make quick withdrawals/deposits from any operator that supports it.

Customers do not need to have a credit card to use these services, and your bank will be unaware of who your transaction partner is owing to information security concerns. They will be held at your banking institution until you transfer your cash. 

Deposits to iDebit are processed instantaneously, while withdrawals can take two days to process.  



It’s a standard procedure in Canada, and players who have been accepted for PAD (Pre-Authorized Debits) can also use it for withdrawals. It is also free of charge.  



Another type of fast transaction, Instadebit, is utilized for various transfers related to online gambling. If a casino operator allows it, you can also use Instadebit to withdraw your earnings from an online casino. 

Because Instadebit acts as an intermediary, your bank will have no way of knowing whether the transaction is intended for an online casino. This means that this online gaming payment method is also available to Scotiabank clients.

Prepaid Cards

This approach is relatively simple, such as the Vanilla Prepaid card, which can be obtained at any 7-Eleven location. They can only be used to make deposits. Winnings can only be withdrawn via a check addressed to your home address.


While payments to and from a casino are made quickly, e-wallets are a popular rapid banking option. However, the obligation to open a 3rd party – intermediate account distinguishes it from instant banking.

However, costs are frequently associated with such transactions. EcoPayz, Webmoney, MuchBetter, and Jeton are viable alternatives to the formerly well-known Neteller.  

Much like a PayPal account, these wallets must first be funded. After that, you can deposit those amounts. Casinos will also payout using e-Wallets, which are frequently instantaneous.  

Winding Up  

Following the increasing popularity of online gambling among Canadians, it looks that Canadian banks and gambling businesses will get increasingly involved in this activity.  

While the firms that regulate these gaming platforms ensure safe gambling environments, banks that offer various payment options and secure transactions are influential players in the whole machine.

By and by, the issue as a whole is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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