An Extensive Guide to Online Football Betting in Canada

American football is a sport that enjoys widespread popularity among the masses. Hence, it is no surprise that a large number of Canadians are attracted to the Football betting as well. 

Top 10 Football Betting Sites

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The NFL, especially, has witnessed a double-digit increase in viewership back in 2020. As a result, online betting is gaining more traction, with individuals trying to find the perfect Canadian real money casinos for their needs.

Let’s look into the world of online football betting in Canada.

Notable Football Betting Sites 2022

Below is a list of some trusted betting websites with a smooth user interface.

Betway Sports

betway football betting welcome offer

With a high rating of 4.5/5, Betway sports is a dedicated sports betting platform with specific esports promotions. It is renowned for offering C$200 bonuses to its users. Moreover, the 100%-win rate and 24-hour payout speed add to its appeal.

Sports Interaction

football betting by sports interaction 

A rating of 4.1/5 has enabled Sports Interaction to feature in our list. In addition to the C$125 bonus, the website also has a win rate of 97.22%. 

What makes the website unique is the refer-a-friend bonus option, which you can use. Moreover, the stylish sportsbook section ensures that your eyes remain on the design. 


casumo sports betting - welcome offer

Rated 4.3/5, Casumo consists of a modern sports-book, low bonus wager requirement, and personalised sports betting. The website offers C$500 as a bonus. 

With a win rate of 97.17% and a payout speed of 24 hours, Casumo is ideal for all your requirements.

Criteria Used for Reviewing Football Betting Sites

Since the inception of online gambling, numerous football betting sites have popped up all over the internet. That’s why we had to consider numerous factors before providing you with the list.

Here are some factors we considered while reviewing the websites.

  • The certification and licensing of websites with SSL encryption
  • Security of the website
  • The range of bets that the website offers
  • Bonuses they provide to the customer
  • Having a variety of payment options to attract a wider audience

The Signing Up Process

Before you officially begin betting on football games, check out the games available. In addition, make sure you perform your research before you follow the listed steps.

  1. Choose the website that caters to your needs.
  2. Click on the ‘Register’ or ‘Sign-up’ button usually present on the introduction page of the site.
  3. Fill the registration form with authentic details and click on submit.
  4. Some websites require you to add a security question to provide an extra layer of security
  5. Choose your username and password and note them down.
  6. Several websites offer a promotional code, which you can enter to generate a sign-up bonus.
  7. Accept the site’s terms and conditions after confirming your age.

Popular Forms of Football Betting

Now, placing a football bet isn’t as easy as choosing an outcome and putting money on it. On the contrary, football betting offers a multitude of betting options.

The Point Spread

To put it simply, there are three potential outcomes in a point spread bet – win, loss, or push. A point spread bet creates a chance to wager money on athletes by evaluating their relative strength against each other. 

As a result, you can bet on the projected margin of victory.


Money line is the simplest and most traditional form of betting available. In this type of bet, the bettor can choose the team they feel will win the match. 

Unlike the point spread, Money-line does not concern with the margin of victory.

Total Points – Over or Under

As the name suggests, this bet allows the better to wager on the total points scored in a game. There can be two outcomes: the score is under the predetermined amount or over it. 

Moreover, the bettor doesn’t need to guess the exact amount. 

Outright Win

If you are confident about your team winning the entire tournament, this is the wager you should opt for. In addition, the earlier you place your bet, the better odds you’ll receive on the same.

First Scorer

Now, placing this bet requires a lot of confidence in a player. If you are confident that a player will score the first goal, this wager might suit your tastes.

Individual Player Markets

Individual Player Markets bet allows you to wager on a particular player and their performance. For instance, you bet on their overall performance, including activities like passing yards, receiving yards, or rushing yards.


Generally referred to as ‘Acca,’ this bet is perhaps the riskiest one on the list. This wager involves at least four selections, and all selections have to be fulfilled to win the bet.

On the contrary, multiple selections allow flexibility throughout the game, so your chances of winning are increased if you utilise this wager effectively.

Types of Football Betting Bonuses

A number of betting websites like to offer betting bonuses to the user. This has a two-pronged effect. Not only do these bonuses encourage the customer to play, but they also ensure customer loyalty. 

There are three types of bonuses most commonly employed.

Welcome Bonus

One of the most common bonuses offered, the welcome bonus, varies according to the sports-book. Since every website has different bonuses, read the Terms & Conditions carefully while receiving the same.

Enhanced Odds

Sports books tend to offer increased odds during big games, with a stake limit. These odds can be on the results or popular betting markets. Moreover, enhanced odds are available for both existing and new customers. 

VIP Club

As an incentive to regular betters, some sports-books offer access to their VIP clubs. Individuals in the VIP clubs can avail special offers and the occasional free bet or enhanced price. It is a way to make loyal users feel special and included. 

Some Popular Football Leagues

As a Canadian citizen, these are some of the most popular leagues you can bet on.

  • National Football League (NFL) is considered the pinnacle of American Football, with 32 teams from the United States.
  • Canadian Football League (CFL) consists of nine teams that play eighteen games every season.
  • College Football (NCAA), which is older than the NFL, consists of 130 schools that continuously play each other.
  • Fantasy Football, where fans pick virtual teams made of real players whose performance affects the points.

Placing an Online Bet Remotely

With the advent of technology, betting websites have strives to become mobile-friendly. Owing to the same, you can effectively place a wager through your mobile device. 

Whether you’re using Android or iOS, you’ll notice that the websites work smoothly. Moreover, the user interface is free of clutter to enable a smooth process for the customer further.

Summing Up

As technology becomes increasingly omnipresent, it is natural that various industries have adapted to it. Gone are the days when you needed to place a bet and interact with a bookie physically.

Online betting sites provide you with the flexibility of placing your bets after careful consideration. What’s more, they are often equipped with a calculator that helps you calculate the odds!

Overall, the sports betting industry in Canada shows no signs of stopping.