Soccer Betting Sites Canada 2022

Notable Online Soccer Betting sites

Soccer has been emerging as one of the most popular sports in Canada. As the citizens start watching the matches and following their favourite teams, it is no surprise that soccer betting will gain more traction.

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The best part is that you don’t need to go and physically place a bet. Read on to find out all about online soccer betting in Canada!

Out of the sea of real money casino websites available, we have compiled a few that will allow you to ease into online soccer betting. Our chosen sites are certified, along with being safe and reliable.

Top 3 online soccer betting websites

Betway Sports

Betway Casino logo

With a high rating of 4.5/5, Betway Sports is a dedicated sports betting platform with specific esports promotions. It is renowned for offering C$200 bonuses to its users. Moreover, the 100%-win rate and 24-hour payout speed add to its appeal.


Casumo Casino logo

Rated 4.3/5, Casumo consists of a modern sportsbook, personalized sports betting, and a low bonus wager requirement. The website offers C$250 as a bonus.

With a win rate of 97.17% and a payout speed of 24 hours, Casumo is ideal for all your requirements.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction

A rating of 4.1/5 has enabled Sports Interaction to feature in our list. In addition to the C$125 bonus, the website also has a win rate of 97.22%.

What makes the website unique is the bonus for referring a friend. Moreover, the stylish sportsbook section ensures that your eyes remain on the design.

Steps to Place a Bet

Placing an online bet is relatively easy and without any significant hassle. Just follow the listed steps to place a wager.

  • Pick a trusted sports betting website and familiarize yourself with the interface
  • Every website has the option to sign up or register; click on the available option.
  • After registration, log in to your account and locate the sports section.
  • Find the league you want to bet on out of the various leagues present.
  • Once you have located the league, find the fixture/outright market you want to bet on.
  • Usually, all websites consist of a bet slip, where you can add the bet you wish to make.
  • Insert your stake in the bet to check the winnings.
  • If you’re satisfied with the bet and the stake, confirm the bet and wait for the outcome.

Reading the Soccer Betting Odds

soccer betting sites canada

Before placing a bet, you would be highly interested in knowing the odds available for that outcome. In Canada, decimal betting is the most common form available, so let’s look at the format.

In decimal betting, you have mentioned odds against each team in decimal format. For instance, if your chosen team has odds of 2.5, you win 2.5 the amount of your betting amount in case of a win.

To explain it with a simple example, if Canada is 3.10 to beat the USA (2.40), they are considered the underdogs and have higher betting odds. As a result, if you bet C$10 for Canada to win and they do, you receive C$31.

Popular Types of Soccer Bets

There are different types of wagers that you can place on soccer. We have listed some popular ones below.


Moneyline is the simplest bet available for soccer. You can wager on the team you believe will win the match. In addition, you can also bet on a draw.

To clarify the concept, assume the home team has favourable odds of 2.37 for beating another at 2.90. The draw is the outsider price at 3.50.

Handicap Bet

As the name suggests, Handicap betting gives a team a head start over the other to bring their odds closer. As a result, if you feel the favourite team will win by a greater amount than the headstart, you can back it at much better odds than in Moneyline.

For example, if the favourite gets a -1 goal handicap, they should ideally win by over 2 goals.

Totals: Over/Under

This bet is used to predict whether a team scores more or fewer goals than a predetermined amount. In this instance, the result is irrelevant. If you bet on more than 2.5 goals being scored, the team must score at least 3 goals for you to win.

You can also pair this bet up with another to increase the odds. For instance, you can wager on both teams to score goals totalling over/under 2.5.

Prop Bets

Prop bets can be placed when you don’t want to bet on the entire outcome of the game. Instead, you can bet on parameters like the first goalscorer, winning margin, and specific player markets.

In addition, prop bets may include some unusual categories like the number of corners and the exact time of the first goal.

Live Soccer Betting

Live Betting involves placing your bets as the game is going on. The nature of this bet means that the odds will keep fluctuating throughout, so you need to watch the game consistently.

You can wager on who makes the next goal, the half-time score, and even the total number of goals as part of this bet.

Useful Tips for Soccer Betting

Whether you’re just starting out on betting or already have significant experience under your belt, some tips will help you place informed bets.

  • Connect with individuals who bet regularly, follow their socials, or read their blogs
  • If you’re starting out, keep a list of 3-5 teams considered favourites.
  • Try out live betting since if the favourites go down a goal early, you can bet on their enhanced odds.
  • If you plan to bet on specific avenues, study the team’s past head-to-head records and recent games.
  • Analyze the team and player performances before you bet on a game. That’ll let you know if a player has a remarkable record against a particular team.

Major Soccer Tournaments

Throughout the year, there are numerous tournaments available to place your wager. Here are some of the most popular ones.

English Premier League

The EPL is one of the most coveted leagues globally, with 20 teams participating. Each season, the teams play in a round-robin format. The bottom three teams get eliminated toward the campaign’s end.

In addition, it attracts a considerable number of wagers primarily due to the sheer popularity it enjoys. It’s an excellent platform to place your bets!

Major League Soccer

MLS is an American league consisting of Canadian teams like Montreal Impact, Toronto FC, and Vancouver Whitecaps. A total of 26 teams play in this league, and it is divided into two conferences – Eastern and Western.

Moreover, the playoffs involve the best from both the conferences, resulting in nail-biting matches.

Spanish La Liga

La Liga is the Spanish league renowned for the El Classico rivals – Real Madrid and Barcelona. This league consists of 20 teams, but a few big names usually duke it out for the title.

UEFA Champions League

This league marked the start of the champions league concept. The top sides from various European soccer leagues participate to earn the title of the best club in the continent.

The league begins with eight groups, consisting of four teams each. The top two from each group advance to the knockout stage and play two matches against each team. The final two hash it out for the title.

FIFA World Cup

If you want to wager internationally, FIFA hosts a world cup every four years for soccer fans. Moreover, there are qualification matches before the actual cup begins, and every iteration witnesses new countries in the mix.

Types of Bonuses

Apart from the ease of access, online betting offers a variety of bonuses that you can avail yourself of.

Welcome bonus, which is usually provided when you join the website. It is often a free bet that is credited to your account.

Enhanced odds, where you are provided with additional value on a particular wager. This bonus is applicable for new as well existing users.

VIP Club is a way of rewarding loyal users. If you bet regularly with a sportsbook, they offer you a chance to enter the VIP Club with special offers.

Top Banking Options For Soccer Betting Canada 2022

Summing Up

Soccer’s popularity promises to soar upwards as time passes. As a result, it will continue to attract a huge audience who would be interested in trying their hand at betting.

Ensure you remain ahead of the crowd by picking out an appropriate sportsbook for yourself. After all, the earlier you begin, the quicker you’ll gain experience.