Are there any unique rewards programs offered at casino sites in British Columbia?
Absolutely. The Encore Rewards program, which rewards frequent players, is shared by all the BC casinos including The official BC Lottery Commission website is where you may join up for this program. It provides many tiers of membership. A player will earn points at each level which can be exchanged for free play.
In British Columbia, what’s the tax exemption for my casino winnings?
Brilliant news! Your online casino earnings are tax-free in this jurisdiction.
What is the legal gambling age in British Columbia?
To enter a casino’s gaming section in the province, you must be 19 years old.
Is there a lot of internet gambling in British Columbia?
Yes, online gambling is quite popular in British Columbia. Players like having access to popular casino games without travelling to physical places, which is why an increasing number of individuals are joining up to play every day.