What is Gigadat?
Gigadat is an online payment processor that works together with Interac to ensure that all payments are done quickly and safely.
Is Gigadat Casino safe?
Yes, Gigadat Casino is one of the safest payment processors in Canada for online gambling due to the high level of privacy the company promotes. Personal information such as banking details and credit card information won’t be shared with anyone.
Why do I see Gigadat when I deposit with Interac?
You’re seeing this because Gigadat works as a financial services provider that processes funds via Interac.
Is online casino banking supported by Gigadat?
There’s no definite answer to this question; however, Gigadat works with Interac and so far, the latter has had a 100% success rate regarding payments.
How long does a Gigadat transfer take to reflect in my casino account?
Gigadat payments will be in your account within 30 minutes, sometimes it’ll even take a few seconds to process.
Are Gigadat and Interac the same company?
No, both companies work together, Interac is a payment method and Gigadat is a payment processor.