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Your Complete Guide to Online Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack Online casino games have gained momentum in recent years, especially in Canada. Gamblers have also found new platforms to play numerous traditional casino games, now available online on smartphones and desktops, that were earlier only available on treditionl land based casinos.

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When it comes to online casino games in Canada, Online Blackjack is one of the most popular games widely loved and played by most people. The reason why everyone loves this game is because of its high potential for huge profits.  

If you’ve ever tried playing Blackjack but couldn’t find the right strategies, this guide will help you know how to play this iconic game the right way!

The Invention of the Name ‘Blackjack’

The name of one of the most popular casino games, both in-land casinos and online, Blackjack, dates back to 1700 and stems from a French word ‘Vingt-et-un’ which means twenty-one. The first name given to Blackjack was Twenty One, and it was used in New Orleans.

The game is known as Twenty-One because the game’s objectives are such, to have a hand totalling 21 points without going over, and the ace was worth 1 or 11 points. 

A Brief History of the Game

Blackjack has long routes in history dating back to the 17th Century. Although the origin of this popular casino game is sometimes debatable and conflicted, various theories are doing the rounds to this date. The game has evolved over the centuries and has taken shape into modern-day Blackjack through the years.

In this section, you’ll get to explore the many theories that justify the origin of this iconic and popular casino game. 

Blackjack’s Popularity in France

There are claims by some researchers that say that Blackjack originated in France, while some claim that it originated in Spain. Despite the highly debatable originality of this game, Blackjack remains one of the most popular gambling games of history, both in-land based and online casinos. 

From the many theories revolving around the origin of Blackjack, one of the most prominent ones state that the game originated from a game known as Vingt-et-un, a top-rated game in French casinos back in the 17th Century. The game’s objective was to reach 21 points, similar to Blackjack, although the rules were not the same. In this game of Vingt-et-un, the dealer was allowed to double the best, and the player was required to bet after each deal.

Blackjack Rises in Spain

The second most popular theory of Blackjack’s origin is a variation of a Spanish game known as Veintiuna, meaning Twenty-One in Spanish. The objective of this game was similar to that of Blackjack.

The first written evidence of this theory was found in the Novelas Ejemplares, a book written by Miguel De Cervantes. 

Fun Fact: Blackjack quickly gained popularity when it was first introduced in North America because casinos offered large welcome bonuses for players. 

The Evolution of Blackjack in North-America

Blackjack made its way to North America with the help of French Colonists. The game didn’t become popular in France in the 18th Century. In the 1930s, the casino game gained popularity in Nevada, which became the first State to make gambling legal. 

To make the game popular, casinos offered a particular bet to new players: a ten-to-one welcome bonus, a hand featuring either of the blackjacks along with the Ace of Spades would pay ten-to-one odds on the lucky players’ bet. This bet was later discontinued, but the name blackjack remained, making history as one of the most popular and beloved casino games. 

Interesting Fact: Around this time, a tale of Eleanor Dumont gained extreme popularity. She was a skilled dealer who migrated from France to America and opened a gambling hall in Nevada city, ironically named Vingt-et-Un. People from all across the country were coming in to play against this lady, who was considered a rarity between card dealers.

Modern-Day Online Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack was initially known by the name “Twenty One” and is still referred to by that name. The game’s objective was always the same – to have your cards total to a number higher than that of the dealer, with the maximum value being 21 and not going over the limit. 

The game evolved to the modern-day definition of Blackjack only in the 21st Century. To make the game popular, online blackjack casinos offered bonus payouts for any ace with any other card ten to the king and the payout structure of three-to-two as a bonus for Blackjack.

Once the game became popular online, the bonus payouts faded to dust except for the name.

Canadian History of Blackjack

Blackjack didn’t gain much momentum in Canadian history until the mid-19th Century. The game was seen and termed as inferior to both craps and poker. The game started being recognized as a good one within the crowd only when casinos started offering ten-to-one odds to new players to get “twenty-one” tables. 

After being familiar with the game and the rules, the players stuck by, and the casinos eventually dropped the bonus offers without the risk of players leaving the game. 

Canadian history of gambling in Blackjack has witnessed some of the most well-renowned gamblers of all time. Brian Zembic and Monica Reeves are some of the most prominent names in Blackjack that hail from Canada.

With the rise of internet technology, casinos have become popular in Canada and have made Blackjack one of the most popular online casino games. 

Basic Blackjack Terms to Remember

Before you begin playing the master game, here are a few basic terms and their definitions that you must familiarize yourself with: 

  • Blackjack – a hand consisting of an ace and a monkey
  • Bust – when your total hand value exceeds 1
  • Double down – to double your original bet amount and receive one more card.
  • Face cards – cards with a value of 10 (J, Q, K)
  • Hit – to ask for another card
  • Hole card – dealer’s card which is dealt face down
  • Pair – when you have two cards with the same value and an option to split
  • Shoe – the box from where the cards are dealt
  • Split – splitting your pair of cards because of the same value and betting the same amount again to have two hands
  • Stand/sitting – to turn down any more cards
  • Standoff – same value cards of the player and the dealer
  • Surrender – an option to lose half of your bet before the dealer reveals the hole card

How to Play Blackjack at Online Casinos?

How to Play Blackjack at blackjack online casinos

Blackjack is a game whose main objective is to beat the dealer and not other players by achieving the hand closest in value to 21. Reaching a value that exceeds 21 counts as a loss.

Your primary goal throughout the game should be to defeat the dealer, who represents the casino and is responsible for conducting the gaming process. 

The game commences with the dealer issuing 2 cards to the players around the table, facing up. After this, the dealer gives 2 cards to themselves, one face up and one face down. The players then place their bets around the betting circle. This process takes place with the help of chips, and the best depends on the hand’s value. This value remains unaffected by suit and the value of the card, such as:

  • Cards 2 to 9 are counted at their face value
  • All face cards have a value of 10
  • Depending on the hand, an ace can be worth 1 or 11

In the game, you have the freedom to decide how to play your cards. This freedom is restricted from the dealer. The rules of the game predetermine the actions of the dealer. Speaking of rules, let’s look at some variations of the game.

Variations of Blackjack

With Blackjack being such a popular and loved casino game, almost all casinos in the world offer Blackjack. There are more than 20 blackjack options available for you to choose from. Each casino has its own variation to offer. Out of the 20+ variations of this game, there are the top 5 most common and most played variations. Let’s take a look at them.

Chinese Blackjack

The Chinese blackjack version has different game rules than the basic one. To begin with, the position of the dealer is rotated. It allows players to draw unique hands such as “Ban-luck,” which means Blackjack, where the player receives a two-to-one payout rather than a three-to-two.

This difference makes the game a regional one and can’t be found in most casinos. 

Blackjack Switch

black jack switch

It is one of the most common variations of Blackjack. In this variation, every player initially receives 2 hands and 4 cards in total. Apart from this, the players are given an option to switch the 2nd card in each hand. You’ll notice that this variant provides more flexibility to the players, but the casino will always make up for it.

Double Exposure

Double Exposure online blackjack

Another widespread and loved variant of Blackjack is Double Exposure. In this variant, the players are at an advantage because both the dealer’s cards are exposed. By winning all ties, the dealer will try to counter this flexibility. The Blackjack will pay even money, i.e., one-to-one and not three-to-two. 

Double Attack

Double Attack online blackjack

This variant of Blackjack allows the player some flexibility and freedom. Ideally, the player places all bets before the dealer reveals the up card. In Double Attack, the players can double their bet after the dealer does so. In addition to this, the game involves a 48-card deck with all the 10s removed. The rules of the game remain the same as the original version.

Spanish 21

Like Double Attack, this version is also played with a deck of 48 cards with all the 10s removed, giving it the name – Spanish 21. The reduction in a player’s edge allows them to double down after splitting. Furthermore, in cases of aces, the players have an option for another re-splitting. The player also wins all draws, including a blackjack!

Beginner’s Guide to Your Online Blackjack Casino Experience

Blackjack is one of the most popular online gambling games played in Canada. The history of Blackjack in Canada goes way back. Earlier, due to insufficient internet technologies, this game wasn’t available to be played online. 

With gradual technological advancements, this casino game has become a crowd favourite. The best part is that you can play a Blackjack casino game online for real money by following a few simple yet cautious steps. A smartphone, tablet, or desktop system is all the equipment you need to begin betting online!

Before we continue check out this Great blackjack Guide By Blackjack Apprenticeship

Here’s a 5-step guide to help you understand the process of blackjack online casino gambling. 

Step 1: Choose an Online Casino 

The internet is a vast space and has a lot to offer. Especially for Canadian blackjack online casino players. There’s an enormous range of Blackjack casinos available. You can find some of the best casinos from various options available.

Step 2: Register a Free Account

One of the easiest steps for online casino gambling is registering for a free account in online Blackjack casinos in Canada. That is also an essential step for you before playing for real money. The details required differ from casino to casino, but here are a few basic ones:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Contact Number

You will need these basic details for verification purposes in any and every online casino in Canada to register for a free account.

Step 3: Make a Deposit

You’re one step closer to playing your favourite online blackjack casino game. This step deals with real money, and you’re expected to make a deposit. This step is hassle-free and easy.

So, even if you are a new user, you can follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll get the hang of it. Before transferring your funds, make sure to check any welcome bonuses and offers that a casino may have to offer after you register for a free account.

To make a deposit, click on the ‘Banking’ or ‘Payments’ section from the casino lobby, which you’ll find both on your smartphone and desktop. Once you click the button, you’ll see many payment methods to add money to your casino account.

Keep in mind that the payment methods will differ according to the Canadian players. Here are a few payment methods that are common and widely used in Canadian online casinos.

blackjack online casinos payment methods


One of the most popular modes of payment among Canadian online casinos is instaDebit. This mode of payment allows instant deposits and withdrawals. In addition to being quick, this payment method is also very secure and has no significant fee for depositing or withdrawing your money. 

Your privacy is of utmost concern, and all your details remain safe with instaDebit and are not shared with any third party. You just have to select this option in any online casino in Canada that provides a choice to make payment with this mode. Once this step is done, you can quickly initiate the payment.


This mode of payment is slowly gaining widespread attention among many casino players online. This card is also sold as vouchers, so you don’t need to share your bank account details if you have one. The payment can be made using the coupons.


One of the most trusted and popular modes of payment across all Canadian online casinos. Being a very convenient and hassle-free mode of payment, Visa cards are issued by all major Canadian banks as debit and credit cards. Initiating a transaction with a Visa card is super easy, and the withdrawals are also directly deposited to your bank account instead of an e-wallet.


Mastercard is another widely used and trusted source of making deposits renowned for its security and reliability. However, Mastercard offers withdrawals as well. The transactions are quick and are accepted by all major online Canadian casinos.

Interac e-transfer

This mode of payment is widely accepted among many online casinos in Canada. Interac e-transfer was launched in Canada and has gained the trust of many people across the country. 


A highly popular payment method in Canada, ecoPayz is an excellent method for all casino lovers in Canada. This mode allows players to fund their ecoPayz account by depositing 45 currencies in their online casino account. 

Step 4: Choose Your Blackjack Table and Start Playing

Once you’ve successfully registered for a free account, acquired your welcome offers and bonuses, and made your deposits – you’re ready to enter the world of real money Blackjack casinos!

You can wish to start with any amount to wager, although some online casinos have an upper and lower limit specified. You can access the casino either through your smartphone, tablet or desktop. 

Once you’ve selected your games, just click the icon, wait for it to load, and you’re good to go!

blackjack casino hands

Step 5: Cash Out Your Winnings

Cashin out is a simple process that you can do towards the end of your gaming evening. Whether you’ve completed your wagering requirements or are winding up your evening, you can choose to cash out now. You can also choose to leave all or some of it in your account to play the next time.

Strategies to Play Online Blackjack Casino 

Before starting to play any game, it’s always better to familiarize yourself with the basic strategies that can prove to be helpful to help you win or even just get the hang of the game. 

There is a set of rules for different types of hands that help you understand when to hit, stand, split or double down to maximize your winning chances.

As per the basic rules in Blackjack, the dealer must stand on 17, continue to draw if a hand is less than 17, and stand when the total is from 17 to 21. On the other hand, a player has the freedom to decide what to do with every hand. The basic strategies are what help a player maximize their chances of winning. 

Some Online Blackjack Casino Tips and Tricks

Before you familiarize yourself with the valuable strategies to play Blackjack online, you can take a look at these essential tips and tricks to keep in mind before you begin playing.

  • Always play at one or more recommended sites
  • You can practice the game for free and play Blackjack for fun to understand how the game works
  • Look for single-deck variants that offer three-to-two payout
  • Always utilize the bonuses

Doubling Down 

You can “double down” your best in Blackjack if you believe your hand has a good chance of beating the dealer. To double down, you can increase your best by 100%. When you do so, you are only allowed to take one more card to try and make a winning hand.


A player is allowed to split their pair into two separate hands if they’re dealt a pair of identically ranked cards. If you decide to split, you are dealt two more cards, one for each hand, and you are also required to double your bet, one for each hand. 

Hard Hand

A hard hand contains no aces or a hand that has an ace, but it can be only counted as one; otherwise, the total exceeds twenty-one.

Soft Hand

A soft hand in Blackjack is a hand that has an ace that can be counted as eleven. 

Famous Blackjack Players in Canada

Canadian blackjack players are well-known and encourage high-stakes cash game players with their excellent success record. People look up to these figures in awe and aim to achieve their level of finesse. 

This section will help you explore some of the finest players in Canada for all blackjack lovers.

Al Francesco

Al Francesco

One of the finest Blackjack players, Al Francesco, has been a member of The Blackjack Hall of Fame since 2002. Many players are inspired by his career as an example to card counters. Al Francesco is known for establishing one of the first card counting teams to show a profit. 

This great mind also invented some of the techniques still used by advantage teams today. He’s also been a mentor to many players that have made it big in the industry, like Ken Uston. The player has retired from the world of gambling.

Arnold Snyder

arnold snyder

Like Al Francesco, Arnold Snyder is also an early member of The Blackjack Hall of Fame. He’s a professional gambler and has multiple books on Blackjack under his name. He also popularized a concept about card counting.

Arnold has a website claiming fame, which is Blackjack Forum. Under this website, some of the most famous professional gamblers have written and published, including Al Francesco. 

Ken Uston

Ken Uston

This Blackjack mastermind was mentored by the greatest, Al Francesco, and made it to the iconic The Blackjack Hall of Fame. Along with his teammates, Ken won millions of dollars from the casinos in the 1970s. 

Infamous for being banned from casinos and trying to thwart their bands through clever disguises. Ken is no longer a part of this world, but his legacy is still remembered in the gambling world.

Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong

Out of fear of being banned by casinos, this legendary casino player plays with the pseudo name Stanford Wong though his real name is John Ferguson. He has a book under his name, called Professional Blackjack.

Along with other big names of the industry, Stanford Wong is a member of The Blackjack Hall of Fame and the owner of Pi Yee Press, publishers in the gambling niche. 

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin - blackjack casino legend

Just like many other players, Peter Griffin is also one of the earliest members of The Blackjack Hall of Fame. He has contributed more in the area of teaching the game than earning money from it. 

His contribution to the understanding of blackjack patterns and math is enormous. He also was the author of The Theory of Blackjack: The Complete Card Counter’s Guide to the Casino Game of 21.

Tommy Hyland

Tommy Hyland

An excellent blackjack player who manages the Hyland Team of card counters. This team of card counters has been in operation since 1979, without skipping a day, making it the longest-running blackjack team ever. 

His team began operations in 1979 with an investment of $16,000 and 4 players. They’d won over $30,000 in Atlantic City within a year. In the 1990s, the team was arrested in Canada for cheating, but they won the court case in part with the help of Arnold Snyder.

Ending Note

The world and history of gambling have always been ever-evolving. Right from the time when the games were invented to now, this industry has undergone several changes, some good and bad. All these changes have given birth to the present-day atmosphere of the games. Whether offline or online, the blackjack gaming industry is one to undergo many changes through the years. 

With the advancement in technology and internet services, Blackjack has been made available to a wide number of players worldwide that was otherwise not possible. And the potential of this industry only keeps expanding as we enter reforming ways in the future. 

The industry is backed by some genius minds who have shaped this business with their brilliant ideas. The market is flooded with celebrities, high-profile entrepreneurs, all venturing into the world of online gambling. 

Since its legalization, online gambling has paved the way for many people to earn money, offering them bonuses and rewards to keep coming back for more and eventually taking the industry to newer heights. 

Whether you’re a newbie or a professional player, you know by now that the game of online Blackjack is only going to expand as we move ahead in time. There are many more rewards and offers for you to explore in this market, and you won’t be disappointed. 

So, get started with your journey of Online Blackjack Casino, and who knows, you might even make it to The Blackjack Hall of Fame someday!