The Complete Online Roulette Guide

The Complete Online Roulette Guide brought to you By! When it comes to casino games, the game of roulette remains an iconic one. Being one of the oldest gambling games, roulette has retained its popularity across the globe. Just picturing the image of the little white ball swirling inside the roulette wheel can make the ardent casino lover filled with excitement. 

With the rising popularity of Real money online casinos in Canada, various online casinos also included this classic game in their collection. If you are new to the world of online casino games or casino roulette, in general, we have got you covered. This article will tell you all about the basics and various aspects of the game of roulette to turn you into a pro. 

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History of the Game of Roulette

The first form of the Roulette wheel was invented in 17th century France. Quite naturally, the term ‘Roulette’ is coined after the French word that means ‘little wheel.’ The French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal invented the game

Although, he wasn’t planning on designing a casino game. He was attempting to make a perpetual motion machine. Inevitably, his experiment failed and accidentally gave birth to this popular form of casino game. 

Interesting fact: Even though France takes all the credit, the game is influenced by two other popular games in 17th century Europe. They are ‘Even-Odd’ and ‘Roly-Poly.’ 

Adding the Zero

The zero did not exist in the early Roulette wheel till the mid-19th century. However, that changed in 1842, when Francois and Lois Blanc redesigned the wheel, adding a zero. Adding this single digit made a massive difference as it increased the house edge

adding a zero to the roulette

Pro Roulette Tips: The house edge is the profit made by the casino and is denoted by a percentage of the original bet placed. It is also known as ‘vigorish.’ 

Arrival to Canada

The game of roulette first arrived in Canada around 1758. However, it did not have a great start at the beginning. In fact, the game was legally banned by the government. In the 1990s, when the Kahnawake Gaming Commission took over the process, the game started being noticed. 

roulette Arrival to Canada

The Advent of Online Roulette 

In 1996, the site, known as InterCasino, came into existence. It is known to be the first online casino ever. As the internet kept evolving, many new developments came along the way. That is what gave birth to the online casinos we see today.

The Advent of Online Roulette 

Famous Roulette Players around the World

  • 🥇 Charles Wells – 2 Million Francs (1881, Monte Carlo)
  • 🥈 Ashley Revell – $270,000 (2004, Las Vegas)
  • 🥉 Chris Boyd – $440,000 (1994, Las Vegas)
  • 🏅 Pedro Grendene Bartelle – $3.5 Million (2017, Rio de Janeiro)
  • 🏅 Sir Philip Green – $2 Million (2004, London)
  • 🏅 Mike Ashley – £820,000 (2008, London)
  • 🏅 Joseph Jagger – $375,000 (1873, Monte Carlo)
  • 🏅 Sir Sean Connery – $27,000 (1963, Saint-Vincent)

In a game like roulette, where luck plays a more prominent role than skill, real winning does draw glances. Take Chris Boyd, for example—the 40-year-old computer programmer put three years’ savings on a one-time wager. Despite people deeming him foolish at the time, he went on to double his money. 

If you think that is crazy, wait till you hear about Ashley Revell. The English gambler sold all his belongings and placed the money on a single bet. He went on to double the amount of $135,000 that he placed. Though the amount may not seem big, it definitely made Ashley a legend in the world of roulette. 

Joseph Jagger is another legend who supposedly broke the bank of Monte Carlo. The textile engineer believed that roulette wheels were prejudiced. With his years of experience in the mechanical sector, he set out to prove his theory. After bribing the clerks in various Monte Carlo casinos and collecting insights, he figured out the biased results. 

With this knowledge, he made a fortune and is still considered the biggest win in roulette history.

Different Types of Roulette Games in Canada 

Canadian casinos offer various types of roulette games that follow some basic roulette rules. Each type of table offers some variation of the classic game. Before you begin the game of roulette, know that there are five types:

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette
French Roulette table

American Roulette vs. European Roulette 

Now online casino sites in Canada tend to offer more sophisticated versions for a better gaming experience. However, the primary types are these two. What are the differences?

The two types of roulette may seem similar, but they are two totally different games. Even the roulette table layout alters according to these two types. The primary difference is that European Roulette has 38 roulette numbers with a single and double zero. That is why it is also known as Double Zero Roulette. This type has two pockets, a ‘0’ and ’00’.

On the other hand, the European version of roulette, also known as the Single Zero Roulette, has 37 numbers. 

As it is evident, the American Roulette has one additional pocket and features a second green slot. However, these two types of games offer the same roulette payouts. The difference lies in the order of the numbers on the roulette wheel and your chances of winning. 

Every time your predictions come true, you get a payout of 35:1. However, in the American Roulette, you have one chance in 38 for each single number bet. 

Let’s have a quick look at some of the key differences between the two types of roulette. 

FactorsAmerican RouletteEuropean Roulette

Game Variations

This type of roulette has a ‘0’ and a double zero ’00’.

This version has only a single zero. 

House Advantage 

House advantage in this type of roulette is 5.26%.

The house advantage is 2.7%.

Winning Chances 

The winning chances are lower in comparison, and casinos make more profit. 

The winning chances are higher. It includes an “En Prison” option that allows players to get half of the wager back. 

There is another type known as the French Roulette, but the American Roulette type in Canada is the most popular one. 

French Roulette Tables

Just like European Roulette, the French roulette table has only one green zero segment. However, the player does not lose the 50/50 bets if the green zero comes in. based on the local rule, the bets may count as ‘La Partage’ or ‘the divide.’ 

That means that when a zero comes in, the player gets half of the losing chips back. All chips are locked in place in black or red roulette for the next spin in the En Prison rule. You can only get the chips back if you win. 

Pro tip: Players can choose to play under the ‘En Prison rule even in casinos where the ‘La Partage’ rule applies. Alternatively, they can choose to keep half of their stakes under the ‘La Partage’ rule to continue playing even after a loss. 

French Roulette Tables

Roulette: How to Play the Right Way

To enjoy the game to the fullest, you need to understand how the game mechanics works. When it comes to online roulette, luck plays a huge role. That is unlike any other gambling game, where skill is highly important. That does not mean that you don’t require the skills to win at this game. 

Having a clear understanding of the various ways of playing online roulette can definitely give you an edge over the other players. It is especially true when participating in roulette live games promoted by various online casinos. So, let’s have a look at how it works. 

The first thing you need to know when playing a game of roulette is how to set up the game the right way. Remember that playing and winning in a roulette game requires dedication and patience. Whether you want to increase your chances of winning in a roulette machine or online, it stands true.

Setting up the game correctly is the first key to improving the possibility of winning.

The setup is divided into three categories and will help you understand each step of the gameplay better. These include: 

  • What happens before the game even begins
  • What you need to know during the game
  • The betting strategies
Betting Strategies of Roulette How to Win

How to Pick the Right Wheel

It is a crucial factor to consider before you begin playing. Picking the right roulette wheel can increase your chances of winning. Therefore, it is always better to choose suitable European roulette games over American ones. 

Roulette wheel

Understand the Roulette Odds 

Now, you have about the same winning chances for playing any European roulette games. Therefore, you should not be confused by the term “odds.” Understand that no particular roulette games will increase your chances of winning. What you do need to focus on are the table limits. 

The table limits denote the minimum and a maximum number of bets permitted within a single game. Playing with real money will get easier as you learn to match them with your bankroll.

Placing a Bet on Roulette

This brings us to the next step, which is making the actual bet on a game of roulette. In Canada, online roulette casino games allow you to place many types of bets. However, knowing a few types can help you get started even if you do not understand them all. 

When placing a bet, you will always be asked to set a limit for yourself. Depending on the sites, the range can be anything within C$1 and C$100 or even more. After that, you will need to choose a “lucky” number. 

placing a bet

Bet on More than One Number 

It is a rookie mistake most make while playing the game of roulette. You should always select more than a single number. Ideally, you should bet on either two or five numbers. Also, placing a bet on the first or the second set of 18 numbers is a good strategy. 

Always Look for Outside Bets

When playing roulette, always remember that the outside bets offer the best odds of winning. The reason is that instead of single numbers, you can place the wagers in groups. For instance, you can place your bets on 1-18 or 19-46, a dozen bets, or column bets, whether for odd or even outcomes. 

Sure, the payouts may be a little less, but the odds of winning increase. That is a good tactic for players who just want to have fun and don’t want to take too much risk. 

Understand and Outside Bet

Roulette is a game of possibilities, and outside bets cover half of the possible outcomes. It definitely increases your winning chances. The payout odds will be 1:1 usually. Like column and dozen, the other outside bets may offer a slightly higher payout. Twelve numbers are covered on the roulette wheel in this type of payout. 

As a result, there is a one in three chance of winning with a payout ratio of 2:1. 

Try Out Online roulette Combination Bets

In inside bets, you place wagers on the inner section of the table and are less likely to receive a payout. The ideal way to play would be to opt for combination bets. That means you place your wager on two, three, four, five, or six individual numbers. In this type, you put the bets on the lines in-between numbers on the table, for example, on a corner touching four different numbers. 

Now combination bets may cost you more than single number bets, but they assure a bigger payout in the long run. 

Roulette layout and bet types

Betting Strategies of Online Roulette: How to Win

Once you have understood roulette basics, it is time to opt for advanced roulette betting strategies. Understanding these strategies and incorporating them into your gameplay will further enhance your gaming experience and chances of winning. 

The Martingale Betting System

The Martingale betting strategy is undoubtedly the most successful and popular roulette playing strategy. The system is very easy to implement and can only be used for placing outside bets that offer a fifty-percent chance of winning. 

Players can only make even money bets in this system. That means, every time you lose, you can double the bet. It is highly unlikely that you will lose all your money when using this system. 

In this strategy, you first need to establish what you want to bet. After that, there can be only two outcomes, either your predicted colour will come or not. If the result does not come in your favour, you can double the bet. 

On the other hand, if the outcome is as you predicted, you need to continue with a single unit on the opposite bet.  

The Martingale Betting System

Reverse Martingale 

Another variation of the Martingale strategy is the Reverse Martingale that follows a different principle known as the colour sequence. It is also known as the Paroli system. Instead of placing twice the bet on loss in this strategy, you need to double the bet on your win. 

According to this principle, you will not place your bets on the same colour if you lose. For example, if you bet on Black and lose, the next bet has to be on Red. A good strategy is to place the bet on the colour that came out instead of what you predicted. 

With this strategy, you can maximize your winning streaks instead of recovering the losses. 

Reverse Martingale 
Reverse Martingale 

The D’Alembert Betting System

The D’Alembert betting system somewhat follows the same formula as the Martingale system. It is also considered one of the most successful strategies to play roulette. In this type of strategy, the players are encouraged to increase their wager even in loss. 

There is a low risk involved in this method, but players will not lose all of their bankrolls when using this tactic. That is because the increase in bets after a loss is very little. 

For instance, if you lose $1 in the Martingale strategy, you may need to place a bet of $2 and then $4. However, in the D’Alembert method, you will only need to place a bet of $2 and then $3. What’s more, you can reduce the stake by the same amount after a win. 

So, if a player increases the bet by a dollar and loses the first few bets, they can retrieve the winning eventually. It will somewhat look like this:

$1 = Loss

$2 = Loss

$3 = Loss

$4 = Win 

$3 = Win

$2 = Win

In this scenario, a loss would send the stake back up to $3, while a win would drop it to the initial amount. Therefore, this strategy is beneficial for inexperienced and low stake players.  

There are a few other strategies as mentioned below. 

D'Alembert Betting System

The 3Q strategy

The 3Q or 3 Quadrant strategy is also known as the third number quarter bet. It is a hedging strategy where you try to cover a decent roulette table area. That is an intelligent method to reduce your risks for individual spins. 

 In this strategy, players need to place three bets on as many vertices as possible. After which, you need to place three quarters and twelve numbers in total. 

Online Roulette

The Fibonacci Sequence 

The Fibonacci strategy is based upon the eponymous sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical sequence that players can follow in this strategy. According to this sequence, a numerical series is followed where the consecutive number is the sum of its previous two numbers. 

The strategy applies to the first ten numbers of the series. It follows a sequence like 1,1,2,3,5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and 55. If a player wins, he can move on to the next number. However, he will need to take two steps back in the sequence in case of a loss. 

This strategy is only applicable to binary sums, like Odd and Even, or Red and Black, etc. The best tactic would be to place one unit on the first bet, another one on the second bet, two units on the third bet, and so on. 

The Fibonacci Sequence

The Labouchère’s Roulette System

According to Labouchère’s roulette strategy, players can choose the amount they want to win first. Later, then can change the amount depending on their winning or losing streak. Although this strategy does not help you predict the outcomes, it does allow for significant winnings with a bit of luck on your side. 

In this strategy, you can visualize how much winning you require to reach your goal. There is a high chance of eliminating the losses in this method, but you have to have a big budget to play. 

The Labouchère's online Roulette System

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

If you are a beginner player, then this should be your favourite strategy among all of these. This strategy works based on the European Roulette. In this strategy, you need 20 units of stake. You can ensure a better long-term profit from this strategy by covering the most possible outcomes.

In this tactic, you cover all the numbers except between 1 and 12. You need to put the biggest stakes on the outside bet, with just one unit wagered on a single number. That provides an odd of 35/1. 

As a result, you are left with 12 numbers where you lose and 25 numbers to win. You only lose in the game if the ball ends up on any number between 1 and 12 when the roulette wheel stops. 

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

How to Play Roulette in Online Casinos?

After you’ve got a good understanding of how the game works, you’ll want to learn how to fund your online roulette account, so you can start having fun with the roulette game. We have got you covered. Here are the steps that you need to take in order to load your account to play roulette online:

Step #1: Select an Online Roulette Casino

First and foremost, you must choose a secure casino that will safeguard your funds. It is the best practice to go with a site you’ve heard of that has an excellent reputation.

License, withdrawal timeframes, return-to-player rates, software friendliness, banking alternatives offered, and game variety are all things to look for. Checking out reviews accessible is also a fantastic idea. The online gaming sites analyzed must have a good reputation for trustworthiness and provide a diverse selection of high-quality roulette games. 

Listed below are a few of the reputed casino sites that will offer you a great gaming experience:

PLAY OjO Casino Online Roulette

Play Ojo Casino online

PLAY OjO: It features a selection of the top casino card games with the best odds that you can enjoy for actual cash. Blackjack, roulette, and poker are among them. All of these games are available in a variety of sizes and forms.

Genesis: This premier online casino offers a large welcome bonus and a slew of additional exciting bonuses full of free spins and rewards.

Once you’ve decided on a casino, you’ll need to create an account and sign in.

Step #2: Set Up an Account

The registration procedure is typically simple and takes only a few minutes. Listed below are some instructions and tips to be kept in mind while registering:

  • Look for the cashier option to deposit money. If you are unable to locate this option, use the search toolbar. 
  • Select your local currency to avoid issues in the future.
  • To change your local currency, players must contact customer service later on.

Ensuring the points mentioned above will make your transaction hassle-free and easy.

Step #3: Deposit Money

You can deposit money at ease after setting up an online roulette account. Select the payment platform, the amount you want to deposit, confirm the transaction, and start playing. Below are a few of the reputed platforms with which you can fund your account:

Credit/Debit card

Many online roulette casinos let you pay with a credit or debit card. Credit/debit cards like visa or mastercard are a useful payment option as everyone owns them. Moreover, they enable payments to be sent instantaneously, allowing you to begin playing roulette right away.


In order to use an E-wallet, you must first load your e-wallet, which may be done through direct deposit, credit card, or debit card. All you have to do now is transfer money from your e-wallet to the online roulette website where you’re playing.


Bitcoin ensures a high degree of anonymity. Furthermore, because many online casinos clear Bitcoins just after one blockchain transaction, users may practically quickly credit their roulette account.


Again, all major casino sites across the world accept PayPal. It allows gamers to conduct easy and quick transactions.

Make careful to verify each platform’s upper/lower limits, processing times, and accepted currencies before using it.

Step #4: Start Playing!

After you successfully load your account with sufficient money, it is time to start playing. Explore different game varieties offered by the chosen site, choose your bet, and multiply your money.

Step #5 Withdraw Your Winning

After making money, you will want to withdraw your rewards. Withdrawing from an online roulette casino is similar to depositing but might require you to satisfy some security conditions if this is your first time playing there.

Process of Withdrawal

Good casinos make it simple to withdraw your funds and payout quickly. Following is the procedure you must follow during the roulette payout:

  • Log in to your online casino account with valid credentials. 
  • Hover your cursor over the ‘cashier’ option and click on it. 
  • From the dropdown, select the withdrawal option. On the screen, you will see all the available withdrawal options.
  • Choose the deposit option. If it is unavailable, you must choose check payment.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and provide the additional details based on the chosen payout option.
  • Wait for the processing to take place.

In most situations, your withdrawal will be handled immediately using the same debit card or credit card that you previously used to make your deposit on the site.

You may, nevertheless, be able to withdraw funds using alternative means like PayPal, bank transfer, or Skrill. Sadly, some casinos do not enable their users to request a withdrawal using a payment method that they did not deposit.

Factors to be Considered before Withdrawing Money

It is vital to be aware of some criteria in advance to ensure a safe and profitable fast payout. Cost of withdrawal, time gap, and withdrawal limit are some factors that you must contemplate before making any withdrawal. 

Cost of Withdrawal: It is a crucial factor that individuals must check before getting into a transaction. Withdrawals to credit or debit cards are completely free. This amount will usually be transferred to your card account and, therefore, will not be accessible in cash.   

Withdrawal Limit: You must also evaluate the online roulette casino’s withdrawal limitations. Credit cards or E-wallets, in general, offer lower upper and lower limits, making them more appropriate for low rollers. High rollers will benefit from wire transfers and checks.

Time Gap: The time between submitting your request for withdrawal and receiving access to your cash is also a vital factor that must be considered.

The online roulette site sets aside a period of time for reverse withdrawals and only then starts processing. The procedure includes standard checks, such as ensuring that the correct individual receives the right amount. 

Final Words

Even though Canada has dozens of casinos, many citizens are too distant or occupied to visit a physical casino. Recently, online Casino games have gained popularity due to their ease.

Roulette is among the world’s most liked casino games. The traditional game of roulette is played on a massive table with a plethora of wagering possibilities.

Fundamentally, this game involves a roulette wheel and a bouncing ball. Yet, the game may be played in a variety of ways. Minor distinctions can have a significant influence on the game’s outcome.

Canadian roulette fans generally play the classic American and European games on casino sites. The good times don’t end there, though. The internet has given the roulette casino game new options that aren’t available in traditional casinos.

Online casinos provide roulette players with nearly limitless options. Online roulette sites have taken advantage of the opportunity and have established themselves as a popular destination for gamblers from Canada and throughout the world.