Is Mr. Play Casino legal for Canadians?
Yes, it is legal for Canadians to play and place bets on the Mr. Play Casino website. It’s an offshore casino that has a license under UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. For Canadians, indulging in an offshore online casino is entirely legal as long as their license is authentic in their origin country.
Is a Canadian ID card acceptable for the provision of personal information?
Yes, the casino accepts state-issue Canadian ID cards, passports, and driver’s licenses. All personal information is required to ensure that the casino is free of any possible fraudulent intrusion. The information is handled with care by the casino’s technicians and is not shared externally.
Is the Canadian dollar acceptable?
It is! When you open your account, you can choose Canadian dollars as the official currency for your account. So, all the bets and games you play and any bonuses and promotions you receive will be in Canadian dollars. If you don’t want to pay any foreign exchange rate, make your deposit via Interac!
Is there any Canadian sports team available at the casino to bet on?
If you browse through the casino’s sports market, you will find bets on all NHL hockey games, basketballs, soccer, football, and other major gaming leagues. If you are a fan of the Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs, or any other local team, you can place your bets on them in a way that suits you!
Where is the deposit history?
If you want to see your past deposit history, it is available on your ‘My Account.’ Go to the ‘Transaction History.’ There you will find a ‘My Deposits’ drop-down list. Choose the period for which you want to see the deposit history. Click on ‘Show History,’ and the desired information will pop up.
What are the available currencies offered on the website?
The casino offers a wide variety of 7 currency options in which you can wager:
  • US dollars
  • Euro
  • British pounds
  • Australian dollars
  • Kroner
  • BRL
  • Canadian dollars
If you want to prevent getting additional foreign exchange rate fees, select the currency matching your country or the deposit method currency you chose for your account.