Does EcoPayz work in Canada?
Yes, EcoPayz is available in Canada and can be used to fund and withdraw from your online casino account
How do I withdraw funds from my EcoPayz account?
Withdrawing funds from an EcoPays account is very easy. All you have to do is log into your casino account, head to the withdrawal section, insert the amount you wish to withdraw, and proceed.
Is EcoPayz safe?
Yes, one of the main selling points of EcoPayz is its safety. This e-wallet uses 256-bit SSL encryption, this means that it would take hackers would have to try millions of key combinations to break the code, which will take a few lifetimes to complete.
How do I get an EcoPayz MasterCard?
Log into your EcoPayz account and head to EcoPayz cards and select the MasterCard tab. Select “get your card” and follow the next few prompts before your application is processed.
Can I transfer money from PayPal to EcoPayz?
Yes, if you have a Silver EcoPayz account, you’ll be able to use an EcoPayz MasterCard that can be used to transfer cash to a PayPal account.
Will I receive my casino bonus when using EcoPayz as a deposit method?
Yes, if the casino you’re using accepts EcoPayz as a deposit method then you’ll still be entitled to receive your casino bonus.